Book Review Crochet Jewelry by Sophie Britten


Crochet Jewelry  35 fantastic pieces of jewelry to make and wear
By Sophie Britten
The Taunton Press

If you think “afghan”or “granny square” when you think of crochet, think again. This book will turn you right around and may even inspire you pick up a needle and start stitching right there.

The back cover exclaims: “This is not your grandmother’s crochet!” but I would beg to differ. I am finding a number of the projects in this book reminiscent of vintage crochet jewelry patterns from the 30’s thru 50’s. To a vintage lover and wearer like myself, seeing that is wonderful.  While it is true, the crochet in this book is not matronly, I find feel it shows homage to the tradition and heritage of arts and crafts movements of our grandmothers and their grandmothers! And as a crocheter myself, I am happy to see more fashionable crochet books come on the market.

Sophie Britten’s Crochet Jewelry book features pieces that will appeal to young and old alike, and interchangeably too with just a few simple adjustments in materials. For example the Super Hooper earrings have instructions using brass rings, wire and seed beads which will appeal to younger girls and young ladies. But I could easily see them made in a more luxurious way for adult women with gold (or gf wire) tiny facetted  rondelles of ruby (or other gemstones) on pretty leverbacks.

The book starts out with a mini course in crochet, so you don’t have to be an expert to do any of the projects. Britten is wise to us, of course. Then using some very basic stitches, Ms. Britten takes wire, beads and yarn and creates a variety of pretty adornments for fingers, wrists, necks and hair. The book has very well written instructions with lots of large photos of the finished product.  Each  pattern has ratings system so you easily tell if what is  “very easy,” “easy” or “intermediate” and work at whatever level you are comfortable.

Crochet is growing in popularity and is finally no longer the ugly stepsister of knitting. Sophia Britten has done a wonderful job of making crochet jewelry fun and fashionable. This book will inspire to you go forward and pick up that needle and crochet a wonderful piece of jewelry. The book can be bought directly thru Taunton’s webstore, Amazon or your local book/craft store.