3rd Ward and Class Discount

The Education Department at 3rd Ward recently wrote to us to tell us about their facilities, which I find really exciting and think you will too:

[3rd Ward is] a member-based design center that features photo studios, a wood and metal shop, a professional digital media lab, work space and more! Over the last few years our class program has quadrupled in size. Today we offer more than 100 unique classes in everything from jewelry design to night welding, and accommodate everyone from the hobbyist to the professional. Last spring we also joined forces with Etsy, housing their craft classes in printmaking, embroidery, and even a workshop on creating your own sandals!

Their summer course listing is newly available and includes a wide variety of courses from hollow forms to photo-etching, and it sure makes me wish that I lived in New York.  They had the following offer to make to Craft Gossip readers:

Right now we’re offering a special on one of our newest classes: Casting in Pewter, Thursdays June 3rd through the 17th. We’d like to offer your readership $25 off this workshop. They can take advantage of this by using the promotional code: BURGER when they enroll online or by phone.


  1. joi (stereoette) says

    so its been a few weeks since you posted this, but i want to say, three cheers for 3rd Ward! I just came home from their welding class. I encourage everyone from the NYC area to take classes there.