6 Safety Pin Jewelry Tutorials


A safety pin is not just for sewing and mending.  And to be honesty, who doesn’t have a few stray safety pins laying around?  Or maybe you have more than a few.  None the less, these 6 great tutorials for making jewelry from safety pins will leave you wanting to make some for yourself, and maybe even for some friends as well.

safety pin dangler earring

1-  Safety Pin Dangler Earrings from Jewels of Sayuri


2- Safety Pin Belt, Necklace or Choker from Love Maegan


3- Safety Pin and Fabric Bracelet from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar


4- Safety Pin Pearl Necklace from Cut Out and Keep


5- Safety Pin Bracelet from Honey Bear Lane


6- Safety Pin Necklace from Dedicated Follower of Fashion