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Crystals Make Everything Better


Take a pair of plain brown and let’s admit it, boring sandals and turn them into a work of art. These chunky crystals are the perfect embellishment for these thick strapped and bulky shoes. Add a little or a lot … Read More ...

DIY Raw Crystal Necklace


This Crystal necklace is different from most other crystal necklaces, can you tell why? It might not be obvious at first but then you realize what makes it so special. It is horizontal NOT vertical. Majority of crystals are hung … Read More ...

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Pearl and Crystal Bracelet

pearl and crystal bracelet from Craft Test DummiesJenny at Craft Test Dummies shares a great tutorial for this beautiful pearl and crystal bracelet that she says would be perfect, “to commemorate a baptism, first communion, confirmation – even for a bride!” Take a look at Craft Test Read More ...