Art for Art Sake/Thomas Mann

Angele from Thomas Mann Design sent us info about their involvement in the annual Art for Art’s Sake event in New Orleans.

During the festival they are running what promises to be a fun series of classes and events:

The workshop is kicked off Friday evening with a “Learn to Saw” mini-workshop & cocktail party.The fun continues through the weekend with the Found Object Sandwich workshop in the day, and gallery hopping in the evening starting with our own gallery opening at Thomas Mann Gallery I/O.

Thomas is meant to be an enthusiastic and animated teacher and aside from learning to saw correctly being a VERY important skill to master, the Found Object Sandwich (FOS) workshop sounds quite interesting and a good way to turn your own treasures in to wearable art.

Here is a picture of the “Learn to Saw Bench” that Thomas Mann studioFLUX held at the Craft and Hobby Association Winter Trade Show. ¬†Looks like people were having fun!


Thomas is involved with a number of projects, galleries and workshops.  Checkout his website here.


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    Reader and Jeweler Diane Weimer mentioned that the “Learn to Saw” DVD by Thomas Mann is a great resource if you are learning to saw or trying to improve your technique