Australia Bead Forum

I recently came across the Australia Bead Forum. Their description says it better than I could:

  With our distinct Australian character we are sure you will enjoy our beading forum no matter what side of the globe you are from. We share our interests in all forms of beading and jewellery design on our beading forum and hope you will make beading forum dot com dot au your first port of call when you want to have a chat. Why not pop in for a visit and see exactly what it is we have to smile about, apart from beads that is.

And they are right! What a great resource for Australians and everyone else! They have a forum, articles, and a nice link list. I love that they have a “bead shops in Australia” list, so that if you visit there you easily find places to spend your money! Check them out!


  1. sweet_intense says

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  2. sweet_intense says

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  3. percolated says

    Its a great place if you are in the clique, but leaves a lot to be desired for newbies who want a hand and need resources outside of the sponsors.