Beading Daily’s Top 10 Projects of 2008

Beading Daily Announces Top 10 Most Popular Projects of 2008

Beading Daily has announced the site’s Top 10 Most Downloaded Free Projects of 2008, as told through the millions of downloads conducted in 2008 by Beading Daily readers around the globe.

Launched in 2007, Beading Daily ( is the online community,
library of free projects, online projects store, daily blog, and e-newsletter for
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Beading Daily’s Top 10 Most Popular Projects of 2008 List reveals that
beading and jewelry-making enthusiasts were interested in a wide range of
projects in 2008, from peyote stitch to wirework to simple stringing designs.
One project was available free for a limited time and can now be
purchased in the Beading Daily online project store, while the rest are still
available for free download.

Beading Daily’s Top 10 Most Downloaded Free Projects of 2008,

in order of popularity:

1. The Illusion by Julie Ann Smith (Beading Daily exclusive) – This odd-count
peyote stitch bracelet is named after the illusion that the center section of
the bracelet appears larger than either side, although it is really the same
size. Download at:

2. Navy and Pearls by Barbara Richard (Beadwork) – This easy-to-make
necklace combines beadweaving (peyote stitched beaded beads) and
stringing techniques for stunning results. This was a temporary free project
now available in the store:

3. Butterfly Pendant by Carolyn Baum (Step by Step Wire Jewelry) – Jig-
formed wire wings highlight a glass focal bead. Download at:

4. Fireflies by Char Jorgensen (Step by Step Wire Jewelry) – You have to go
to the fishing section of your local department store and find the glow-in-the-
dark beads. This design can use any type of wire and will use up those left
over beads too. Download at:

5. Tubular Peyote Rope by Bonnie Brooks (Step by Step Beads) – Learn
tubular peyote to make a rope for a focal pendant, or wear it alone as a
slinky bracelet or necklace. Download at:

6. Parallel Chain Neckdrape by Barbara Hance (Step by Step Wire Jewelry) –
This gold and silver necklace was inspired by Stephanie Everett’s tutorial of
the two-toned parallel chain bracelet. Download at:

7. Holiday Crochet Necklace by Barbara Richard (Beadwork) – Sitting on a
lanai in Florida one May, leisurely crocheting a seed-bead tube, Barbara
realized that pairing sets of red seed beads with green cylinder beads could
result in a holly-branch effect. Download at:

8. Dragonfly’s Garden by Julia Watt (Stringing) – Give simply strung pearls a
lush look by weaving in a second strand, creating a gently meandering trail of
glistening seed beads. Add silver accents of dragonflies, a hedgehog, and a
floral toggle for a completely enchanting design. Download at:

9. Big Island Necklace by Leslie Rogalski (Creative Jewelry) – This easy
necklace with fiber-wrapped rounds and matte black and white seed beads
reflects the designer’s personal style. Download at:

10. Dancing Spiral Earrings by Heather Trundle (Step by Step Wire Jewelry) –
Triple sterling silver spirals (one of each made in simple, twisted and textured
versions) seem to dance as they catch the wind and dangle from your ears.
Download at:


  1. says

    How can I get a copy of the pattern for Julie Ann Smith’s peyote bracelet “The Illusion”. I tried downloading on the website as per your instructions, but it seems to be closed down.

    Thank you for helping me.

  2. says

    Amy – I just tried the link that Barbe posted back in January and it does seem to work – I can see the bracelet in the top left, you just need to download the pdf of the instructions. – I hope that helps, Kate