7 Unique Jewelry Displays


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9 Cluster Earring Tutorials


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20+ Hair Tutorials


Here are 20+ DIY hair tutorials that are slightly off the beaten path.

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5 Nail and Jewelry Combos to try


Here are 5 jewelry and nail combos to try via Rachel Zoe’s website: thezoereport.

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6 Tutorials For Washi Tape Jewelry


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20 DIY Earring Projects

DIY Earring Projects

Here are 20 earring projects to get your hands creative with. All the projects are easy to do and come with full instructions. I especially love the Antique Brass Earrings. Which one is your favorite?

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6 Safety Pin Jewelry Tutorials


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7 Paracord Bracelet Tutorials


Paracord is a lightweight nylon rope, originally designed for use in the suspension lines of parachutes.  Although, leave it to us crafters to use something like that for a crafting project!  Today you can read up on how to make … Read More ...