diy fresh flower earrings how to make

These flower earrings are made from real flowers making them exquisitely beautiful but terribly fragile.  Perfect for wearing to a cool evening dinner party or night at the opera. Just make sure the person sitting next to you doesn’t get …

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Pom Poms are making a come back into the crafting world and not just on your home decor. This pom pom necklace is soft and funky and if you love tactile things then you are going to love wearing this. …

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I will forgive you for thinking these are an April Fools Joke. At first glance it does look a little crazy. Trust me with the right outfit these could be really fun and very funky!  I don’t think I would …

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Using buttons and glitter you can create these elegant earrings. Alexandra Amarotico  from She is Red shares her step by step tutorial. These earrings would look like diamond flicks if finished off in silver for a inexpensive Faux diamond look.

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You are forgiven for thinking these earrings are expensive and way beyond your price range. These handmade earrings are held together with a plastic back and look divine. The finish is top quality so make sure your rhinestone collection is …

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This Satin rose necklace has a real funky feel to it. The fact that it’s chunky and not delicate is a total contrast to the fabric and the petite flower style. The full tutorial and pictures to guide you can …

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DIY-lace-necklace-header (1)

When I hear the words lace, I automatically think white, old, vintage and of course Grandma. This tutorial shows you how to brighten up, funk up and embellish lace to create a modern handmade jewelry piece.  Full tutorial.


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Lovely Little Knot necklace Tutorial

Erin Siegal shares her tutorial for this simple but dramatic knot necklace. It was created using leather lacing and brass fold over ends. If you have the supplies it is rather simple and easy to follow. It is nowhere near …

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This Sapa necklace was inspired by an Anthropologie design –  It’s created using wooden beads and braided fabric to create a rustic effect. Personally I would have used a more natural color for the cord but that’s my own choice. …

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Yes you read it correctly – This necklace is made using hardware supplies. It’s amazing where visions of art come from. This necklace is chic and worn with the right fashion it could really make a statement or be understated. …

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Neon is all the rage right now but for how long? Investing in a piece of jewelry be it your DIY time or money could be costly. This tutorial re-purposes outdated rhinestone jewelry into some fresh and new. This necklace …

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2013-07-31 18.38.43

If you have a stash of rings that you no longer wear then consider this bracelet idea. You don’t have to damage the rings so if you change your mind late you can simply remove them. This would be a …

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I love Mixed Media Jewelry and this one caught my eye. I really love the texture of the frayed ribbon. This is one of those necklaces that you save a bunch of beads for , waiting for the right moment …

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This DIY tutorial shows you how to take pages from a book to create this literary masterpiece. The key to making this necklace extra special is hand selecting the book, then the pages and finally the words that you want …

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We couldn’t resist sharing Heidi’s Blog post about a candy cane necklace. In this full tutorial she shows you how to create this simple modge podge necklace. This project is perfect for kids or mass production.  Full tutorial here.

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