Doing the Wire Wig Jig!


If you don’t have a Wig Jig, you should get one. They are inexpensive, and you can make so many things with it.  The WigJig website has a “Wig Jig University” with a TON of free (yes FREE!) wire patterns to make with your jig.  You can whip up lots of wire bits and connect them together, make chandelier earrings, fun necklaces, all kinds of stuff!

 In addition to the patterns, they sell tools, kits, and have info like ‘beads to the inch’, wire gauge info, hardness of materials, and other information. Its a great place to sit and spend a while reading thru it all.


  1. says

    Ican’t wait. I ordered wigjig from Firemountain Gems and should be getting it any day now. I tried the plastic jig from a local craft store and it didn’t handle well. The one I now ordered has aluminum pegs which are suppsed to be better.


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    Barbe, as it turns out, August 13th, the day you posted this, is my birthday. I could not have asked for a nicer birthday present.

    We now have over 2,700 free web pages of jewelry making designs, tips and techniques on

    Gary Helwig

  3. Barbara says

    got my first jig but whereare the free patterns help me find them lol this is a neat place to visit thanks