Easy Earrings

If you have 5 minutes than you can make your own earrings with these easy earrings.

These simple but effective earrings are literally called 5 minute earrings. But don’t limit yourself to 5 minutes unless you have to as you will soon see that jewelry making can be therapeutic and addictive.

Try some of these simple easy earrings for your next quick project.

Chandelier Earrings

3 bead Earrings

Cascade Earrings

Funky Curves Earrings

Easy Drop Earrings

There are literally 100’s of sites online with earring instructions and listing them all would be impossible so I have just listed some of my favorite and fastest designs. If you know of a design that’s super nice and should be added here let me know I will be happy to add it.


  1. says

    5 minutes earrings… soo accurate 😀 nearly every kind of beads work for this… and it’s great for last-minute presents… or when you are rushing out somewhere and can’t find earrings that match with your clothes 😛