Easy to Make Toggles

toggle5Want to add a personal touch to your jewelry making?  It’s as simple as making your own findings like these wire toggle bars.

Kerry at Kabs Creative Concepts has a really easy to  make wire toggle tutorial.   They are fast, easy and look great as is or embellish by wirewrapping them or hammering the ends.


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    I just started working with wire mainly because I want to create my own interesting toggle clasps. I collect ones that are decorative because I especially like it when the clasp is used as the centerpiece. On my website domestic-divaonline.com, I have a floral clasp I purchased for just that reason. It’s featured on two different necklaces I made. The toggle you have pictured could be used in several ways. I think adding a bead or two before the final bend would be a nice touch. I’m inspired. Thanks for sharing.

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    I really enjoyed this post and helpful to choose a design in toggle clasp. I like all designs and people must have got impressed with all designs.