Exciting news from Interweave Press!

Our friends at Interweave Press have launched a new eMag about mixed media jewelry! Handcrafted Jewelry Studio launched Monday, December 6. I got a chance to review their first issue for you. Their new eMag has many of the same features as a traditional magazine (great articles, product sources, and photography) but the electronic delivery allows you to interact with the content on your computer. The eMag includes videos and links to other sites making getting more information or buying products mentioned a snap!

Handcrafted Jewelry Studio requires no subscription. You simply buy the issues you want. I’m thinking it might be hard to pass any of them up, though. And each issue is very reasonably priced – $only $9.97. The cost is comparable to that of printed magazines but you get so much more with the interactive content.

When you purchase your first issue, it downloads and then runs from your computer–whether you are still online or not. My internet connection isn’t lightning fast so it took a bit of time for the issue to finish downloading. The instructions suggest you get it started downloading then work on something else for a few minutes while it’s busy. I had time to clear away a few e-mails while my issue was downloading. Once the download completes, you can read and review the issue anytime and with no waiting. A quick launch shortcut is added to your desktop. Just click it to get started perusing all the great content!

Navigation within the eMag is really easy and there’s a help screen to walk you through all the tools. The table of contents are always a button click away so it’s easy to jump around. The first issue is stuffed with exciting content – using hole-punch tools to turn anything into a jewelry component, a review of several different kinds of resins, project ideas, artist bios, and lots of inspiration.

Check out Handcrafted Jewelry Studio. I think you’ll be glad you did!