Flower Loom and Flower Making Tutorials

flower-loom6Do you have some vintage  flower looms you picked up at a thrift or yard sale but no instructions??  I found a GREAT tutorial on how to make them on Sunshine’s Creations.  Her instructions are very clear and the photos walk you thru each step.  IMHO, her instructions are better than the vintage instruction sheet I had, especially with weaving the centers.

And if you don’t have a loom=fear not, I found a tutorial to make one of those too! Crafty Daisies has a really easy tutorial on making a loom and you can make them any size you like!

Flower looms are great for using those last little bits of expensive yarns you don’t want to throw away, as well as regular yarn. I’ve also used thin strips of fabric and tulle, raffia, ribbon and cord to make them. Have fun with it!