Get a colorful domino effect.


When I first got involved with making [tag]found object jewelry[/tag] , I got hooked on dominoes. Working with dominoes and other game pieces was instant gratification. Used as a blank canvas for stamping, collaging and embellishing, you can create little mini works of wearable art. 

 A great tutorial on how to stamp on dominoes can be found on Rubber Stamp Club’s website. They also have a number of examples so you can see how varied the artwork can be.The dominoes pictured are done by Kelly Smith of Outside the Box Art.

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    That looks like a lotta fun! :) Do you just use any plastic dominos set and color in the dots so that they’re white, or can you buy the blanks from somewhere? I’ve been looking on google, but I can’t seem to find anything but cheapo plastic dominos sets, rather than plain ones.