Get Your Sparkle On Book Review

Get Your Sparkle On: Create and Wear the Gems that Make You Shine

Written by Sarah Weir and Femmegems founder/owner Lindsay Cain Get Your Sparkle On”  is not your usual jewelrymaking book. Instead just a ‘how to’ book, this book focuses more on the fashion aspect of jewelry and how to create accessories that look like a million but won’t break the bank to make.  If you are brand new to jewelry making, this book wouldn’t be the best first choice learn jewelry making, however it is definately one you would want to get after you get a little practiced. I feel like “Get Your Sparkle On“, is more for beaders who have some experience, because it doesn’t go alot of jewelry making skills detail  that a newbie would need.   

  • Paperback: 120 pages
  • Publisher: Chronicle Books (August 24, 2006)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0811852407

    The book is broken into three segments with 25 projects: “The Basics”,  “Gemstones and Projects” and “Finishing Touchs”.  “The Basics” consists of an introduction to the authors,  a brief history of jewelry making, including “great moments in bling” and some basic tools &  findings fundamentals.   It ends with a “Basic Necklace Assembly” to get you started. This chapter has illustrations of wirewrapped loops, proper crimping techniques and a round bead size chart. 

    “The Gemstones” section is a little chaotic for me to take in.  Most how to books have projects defined by section this book has those as well but they all seem to run into another.    There is one section that focuses on a bridal shower jewelry making party, complete with projects, a song list and sangria recipe. I thought that was clever and a cute idea. I found the book a bit hard to read with so much info coming at you from various sources in each section. 

    However, there is a ton of great information for the jewelry maker in this book as well as some great design ideas. My faves were “She Sells Seashells” necklace and the French Knot Necklace. The book is filled with info such as color meanings, defining different gem style personalities such as partygirl gem style & bohemian gemstyle.

    The last section in the book is marked “Finishing Touches” but it almost seems like an after thought.   theres only one project for a flea market necklace and a list of resources. I feel like this chapter really could have been utilized with talking about findings or jewelry display/storage ideas.

    Overall, its a great book for ideas and information. It will be a great addition to any jewelry makers library. I’ll be giving away a copy of this book next month, so keep reading to find out how.