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Melinda Mulcahy creates truly personal keepsakes from precious Fine Silver.  Her work is sent worldwide.

Completely self-taught, it has taken years to perfect this notoriously difficult product that is Precious Metal Clay, a 100% recycled product.  Simply by trial and error.

To get the best out of precious clay, you have to understand its behavior and work with its strange anomalies, as changes naturally occur during every stage and it’s not an exact science.  As is the nature of a recycled product, sometimes it’s best to accept the imperfections and incorporate them into your design, rather than fight them, as Melinda found out.

Starting with a good image/stamp making set such as Imagepac, together with a very crisp and clean white on black image, Melinda makes her own artworks.

Once the stamp is made and dried, on a clean area, sculpt the clay using a good Stanley knife and a very clean base plate.  Even the smallest particles will imprint onto the clay, so take off any woolen jumpers and close out drafts.

Once the clay is completely dry, about 24 hours later, carefully sand using a 280 grit soft pad and brush away all dust.  Place in a kiln, ramp up to 850? hold for 45 minutes and allow to cool – allow 4 hours.

Brush the piece with a steel brush to remove all white clay residue, at this stage you can dip your piece into an oxidising agent and sand your piece to whatever texture you prefer.  For a highly polished finish, you will need lots of elbow grease, but 3M sanding paper from your local hardware store will help eradicate major imperfections, working upwards in grit from 240, 400 and 600. You can get use the softer pads starting at 180, 220 and finish with 280. Finally tumble for 2 hours with shot and tumbling compound get a nice sheen.

E and M beanie friendship bracelet LR

Melinda is giving away a personalised beanie friendship bracelet worth £24 + delivery, personalisation either your initial on your choice of coloured cord.  For your chance to win, simply tell us which your favourite Melinda Mulcahy creation is. Simply visit the site using the link, then come back to to comment below as to what your favourite piece is and why!

Competition Open to UK residents only

Competition Closes August 1st



  1. nancy d says

    I love the vintage inititial wax seal necklace! I love the vintage look of it and how it really looks like it was made from wax. Combined with the the pretty pearl and little rose it is gorgeous!

  2. Angelina Coles says

    I adore the fortune cookie bracelet….such a precious idea and perfect for a gift.

  3. Sue Miller says

    I love her dragonflies and little beanies. She is so talented using a difficult medium to produce perfect pieces.

  4. Knittingdancer says

    I likr yhr dragonfly fine silver pendant necklace and the hummingbird gold inlaid pendant necklace because they look very well made and would be attractive to wear.

  5. Rose S. says

    I really love the exotic champagne pearl necklace. The pearls are just so beautiful and no two look alike.

  6. Zan Caperton says

    I really like the Buddha lucky charm necklace in silver. It is a fun piece and also a great reminder to stay centered. I would wear it all of the time.

  7. Helen Jones says

    My favourite piece at this time of year is the Belize turquoise gold feather earrings to wear on a hot summers evening with a maxi dress or cool linens.
    A fantastically versatile piece.

  8. Nicole Turley says

    I love the Lotus Hoop sterling silver earrings. I love the unique style and I’m obsessed with hearts!

  9. says

    I love the gold charm friendship bracelet and the personalized story button friendship bracelet. I can’t decide which I like more. :)

  10. sharon bickford says

    The fortune cookie bracelet would be adorable for my daughter who is adopted from China!

  11. Claire C says

    Oh my, it’s so hard to pick out just one, I love the – Shangri-la luxe long necklace, also the Bora Bora black/grey couture necklace, and Vintage silver escutcheon necklace.

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