Review and Giveaway: HP TopShot LaserJet Pro

HP TopShot multifunction printerThis the final installment of my review for the HP TopShot. If you missed part one or two of my review, be sure to take a look for more of what the TopShot can do. I’ve included some additional images I scanned and a link to more images on Flickr, too.

greeting cards and rubber stamps    Yarn and knitting needles    beaded necklace

lithograph test print on newspaper    assortment of small objects    framed quilted square

The last really cool feature I’d like to share with you is derived from the TopShot’s Web-connected capabilities and Web apps. When your Web-connected TopShot has internet access, HP ePrint lets you print from anywhere by sending an e-mail to your printer’s e-mail address. I’m still exploring all the features and seeing what other apps are available for the TopShot but a few worth mention allow you to post your scans directly to auction and storage sites, print from your Apple devices like iPad, and scan business cards directly into your address books!

I haven’t spent nearly as much time with the TopShot as I’d like to learn all the ways it can streamline a small business office. I am certain I’ve barely scratched the surface for you. I can tell you with certainty this multifunction printer goes quickly from box to ready-to-use. With just a little time spent learning about all the bells and whistles, I believe the TopShot could simplify and streamline many business functions to help set your small business ahead of the curve.

Are you ready to win this $400 multifunction printer? To enter the drawing, leave a comment telling how you think the HP TopShot could help your work flow. The giveaway ends April 28, 2012. Sorry this giveaway is open to US mailing addresses only.




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  2. […] Review and Giveaway: HP TopShot LaserJet Pro – 1 freebie(s)? […]

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