Salt dough jewelry giveaway

jewelry from salt doughBefore Christmas I wrote a tutorial for making jewelry from salt dough. Take a look and consider how this craft idea can be adapted to whatever your imagination can dream! Shamrock earrings, colorful Easter eggs, or flags for the Fourth of July can easily be made using this tutorial. You could even craft a batch of custom pieces tailored to a party theme to give as favors. What are you inspired to craft?

I am offering these holiday pieces for giveaway as part of our National Craft Month celebration. Leave a comment for your chance to win and be ahead of the curve for the holiday season! The giveaway ends March 12.


  1. Susan says

    The jewelry is nicely detailed and very creative. The dough could also make some nice tree ornaments for any holiday.

  2. Deborah says

    Very pretty, you did a wonderful job. I enjoy playing with salt dough. Great idea for National Craft Month giveaway!

  3. Shannon says

    This looks like a great little giveaway. This also seems like it would be a great craft for children (with a little help of course).

  4. Colleen says

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway – you really made some adorable items – Christmas in March – I love it!

  5. Julie says

    The crafter’s were nestled all snug in their beds,
    While visions of glue guns danced in their heads… ;]
    Luv the folk art style of these cute pieces! good job! Thanks for the chance to have these gingerbread men dance around my head,much like the sugarplum faires!

  6. Dennis says

    Hi, Thanks for this giveaway. I didn’t know that the salt dough would hold up that well. You learn something new every day if you leave your mind open.

  7. Jacque Bruce says

    I went to check out the tutorial…thanks for such great instructions and photos! I think I can do these! Hope I can win; those are decorated so beautifully!

  8. Trisha R. says

    I made salt-dough ornaments this year and they didn’t turn out nearly as neat as these! Interested in seeing them in person and getting a head start on my Christmas shopping!

  9. says

    Yes, with a good coat of varnish, salt dough can last years. I’ve made some Christmas ornaments that have lasted at least 6 years and I even have a few that were my Grandmother’s. I use a clear acrylic spray varnish on mine. :)

  10. Heather Vogt says

    I just discovered the craft of making things from salt dough – I’ve bought my supplies and can’t wait to try it out! I love the holly necklace! Thanks for the tips, instructions, and inspiration!


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