Start Something New with Sharpie

how do you use your Sharpies?As part of the Start Something New campaign, I received a bag of goodies from Sharpie to review. Since I am a big fan of Sharpie, I already own most of these pens. Pictured above is all the goodies from Sharpie and a few of the things I used my Sharpies for this week.

I love the versatility of the pens and that they don’t smear. I especially like that the pens don’t write through my thank you notes and the ink not only coordinated nicely with my wedding colors, it also dries almost instantly. The fine tips made it a cinch to write around the “flowers” I made for a friend even though they are quite small. Even when writing on the plastic cups, I had no problems with smearing ink once it dried. The ink doesn’t dry quite as fast on plastic as on paper but it is still pretty quick. The only one of these products that was new to me was Sharpie Accent highlighters. They have a nice tip that makes a broad stroke but thin enough to be precise and the ink resists smearing many other inks to keep your notes legible.

What do you use your Sharpies to make? If you haven’t tried some of these new Sharpie products, you are missing out! Leave a comment by 10/25/11 and enter for a chance to win this pack of Stained fabric markers from Sharpie to see what you’ve been missing! (Sorry, this giveaway is open to US residents only.)



  1. Kim Hil says

    The whole family uses Sharpies on everything!! My hubby even uses them to write reminders on his arm so he can remember and it does not come off during the day!!! Lol..I’d luv to win these so I can hide them and actually find/have them to use when I want them!

  2. Melissa says

    I love Sharpies! I use them for many things, but recently to customize doll furniture with awesome patterns.

  3. Bridget Haig says

    Sharpie what we use them for, what don’t we use them for Well there’s school projects, labeling my Box Top baggies, Mailing packages, Daughter altering her, trash can plain is so boring mom, that old pair of shoes, Pretty near every craft in the house. Our next project is our Zombie Barbie Graveyard for Halloween. Thanks for the contest and thanks for a wonderful project. We love them!!

  4. Mary Merenda says

    I love using sharpies, the last thing I labeled with a Sharpie was a cd I was using to store my pictures. –mm–

  5. Jody says

    I made “stained glass” panels for my arched window with clear contact paper and colorful Sharpies. It came out beautiful. I can never have too many Sharpies.

  6. Briana says

    I LOVE SHARPIES! I use them for a lot of things! my favorite being for creative journaling! but of course for labeling and such.

  7. shazadi islam says

    OOOOOO SHARPIES MY FAVORITE MARKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I would luv to win this so that i can make cards for all my friends at school this is awesomesauce!!!!!

  8. Autumn Cusic says

    I use sharpies every day. Dating product at work, labeling leftovers for the fridge or freezer. And just about every craft project I undertake involves a sharpie at some point.

  9. Jamie says

    So far I’ve just been using the REGULAR sharpies on my fabrics. Time to try the real thing! 😀

  10. Denise Rieth says

    I just found out you can use Sharpies to color silk scarves and fabrics–who knew? I see a gaggle of hand “dyed” gifts in my future!

  11. Carmen says

    Sharpie fabric markers would be great! I could use them to fancy-up some of my daughters onesies.

  12. Carlene Dettwyler says

    I use sharpies for various things – making important items stand out, color coding items, and love to write interesting notes on lunch items!!!

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