Stocking Stuffer Sunday: Ring a Day

cover art of Ring a DayAre you familiar with the Ring a Day challenge? 365 rings throughout 2010 made with whatever time and materials participants had available no matter where they were? (See my earlier post about the exhibit that followed the challenge.) The Ring a Day book, curated by Marthe Le Van, shares a bit of the experience from this exciting 365 day challenge.

Marthe says, “More than 16,000 photos later, the Ring a Day challenge is now complete. I feel privileged to share more than 700 outstanding rings from this enlightening, inspiring, and entertaining collection with you.”

The ring entries are so diverse – in both materials and form. Many of the participants speak of how the daily creative challenge opened them to be more observant of beauty around them. It also helped them see raw materials in virtually everything around them. The push to create and the lack of rules gave the participants freedom to explore, grow, and re-imagine how they perceive their world.

Are you ready to start your own creative challenge? To enter for a chance to win this inspiring book, simply leave a comment. The giveaway ends November 18. Sorry, this giveaway is open to US mailing addresses only.



  1. says

    A ring a day? What a fun idea, though I can’t imagine actually being able to keep up with doing it. I’d love to win this book!

  2. Jaan L of TX says

    I don’t have enough fingers. My mother loves rings, rings and more rings. She would surely enjoy this one, and I would too.

  3. Red Carousel Lion says

    what a great concept. There must be so much creativity and originality captured in this book

  4. Zan says

    I have had my eye on this book! I think seeing so many diverse takes on rings will be very inspiring.

    Thank you for offering to giveaway this book!

  5. says

    My names Rebecca and I am a new jewelry designer just getting out into the world. I’m hoping to win this book to open my own eyes to what could be created even when you have little to work with.


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