Help Japan-auction coming April 1!

poeple of JapanWe at Craft Gossip are saddened and humbled by the devastation in Japan and wish to help the people who have suffered such tremendous loss. We are pleased to announce that we are holding an auction to help raise money for the people of Japan. The editors at Craft Gossip are donating their art, books, supplies, etc., for this worthy cause.

Jewelry making at Craft Gossip will be auctioning books donated by our generous friends at Lark who have graciously donated many titles from Lark Jewelry. Please bid generously on these wonderful titles! The winning bidder will not only receive many informative, beautiful books from Lark but will have the satisfaction of knowing they have helped those in need as our friends at Lark have done.

Our auction will run from April 1st through April 7th. During this 7 day auction, you can bid on any items you see listed by leaving your bid in a comment. At the end of the auction, the highest bid for any item (or group of items) will be the winner of that item (or group of items). Each Craft Gossip editor will contact winners and ship the item (or items) to the highest bidder after payment is received. If the winning bidder doesn’t make the payment within 3 days, we will select the next highest bidder. The highest bidder will send the payment to via PayPal. I’m very sorry to say that due to the high cost of shipping books overseas, the books for auction by jewelry making are for US residents only. ALL the monies we collect during this auction will go to the Salvation Army to help the people of Japan.

I will be offering 3 sets of books from Lark and one Lark book from my personal library. Please check back on April 1 for the list of titles. Thank you again, Lark, for helping support our auction!