HHH Enterprise Designer Pendant Kit Review part 2

¬†Yesterday I told you about what was in HHH Enterprises Designer Pendant Kit, now I’ll show you what I did with it!

First I cut out a couple of the pre printed Friendze papers. They are really nice quality, heavy printed paper with great designs. The kit gives you 4 different designs, perfectly sized for the pendant settings. You can use them as is and make a great pendant or embellish them to your hearts desire.¬† Since I always feel the need to “gild the lily” I got out some of my own collage paper and started playing around. I finally decided to do one in a french theme and the other as old Hollywood glamour. I used the zebra print “Wild” Friendze paper as a background and a black and white photo of Marilyn Monroe. I love the way she looks a bit wild in the photo.

I used the included rhinestone trim on the Marilyn one, and my own paint, ephemera and glitter on the French Themed one. Here are the finished pendants, I think they look pretty good!

I love to work with resin and do ALOT in my own work. Speaking from experience I can confidently say-IF you are interested in working with resin but don’t know how to start, get this kit. You get everything you need to get you started and enough supplies to make a good number of pendants. If you like to work with resin occasionally-get this kit! The little bottles of resin are PERFECT for the person who doesn’t do alot of resin work. Who ever thought up this kit idea is a true genius!

HHH Enterprises has so many wonderful jewelrymaking items that you won’t find anywhere else. They also sell belt buckle blanks you can fill with resin, lots of interesting beads, leather cord, pendant settings, papers and so much more!!! If you haven’t visited the website, do right now. There is also a 25% off Holiday sale AND free shipping!!


  1. shannon says

    i am looking for instructions how to make strech bracelets. I am not sure how to tie knots

    Also how to make earrings with the straight pin going up in the stone ? I don’t know how to use the straight stick pin thing