How to Make A Musical Bracelet

Musical Bracelet

This is one of the coolest, most unusual, out of the ordinary jewelry making tutorials I have seen. No joke!  This tutorial combines two of my favorite things,  jewelry making and music!!  Britt, a Chemical and Biological Engineering student came up with a clever way to make a trendy bracelet.  A musical bracelet that can be played in a music box!  How neat is that!  Now instead of just having a beat in your head and a tune humming from your lips, you can wear music on your wrist.  Britt provides a detailed tutorial on how to make these unique bracelets.  In this tutorial you will learn some music theory, how to transpose notes to make the bracelet, plus learn step-by-step how to make a Musical Bracelet using three types of material,  paper, leather, and duct tape!  I enjoyed reading this tutorial.  It makes me want to try making my own.  I think this would be a perfect jewelry making project for my Daddy and I since we both play musical instruments.    Britt definitely thought outside the box for this jewelry making project.  Check it out and learn how to make your own Musical Bracelet.