International Charm Day is coming

International Charm DayApril 28 is International Charm Day. Take a look at Amber Dawn’s Inventive Soul to get inspired by her itty bitty polymer clay confections and then check out the fun stuff happening at the International Charm Day blog. Amber promises lots of tutorials, interviews, and giveaways leading up to the big day. Don’t miss out!

Amber has been working with polymer clay for more than 20 years and has always had an interest in making miniatures. Her passion for making mini confections is more recent; Amber says her interest was sparked after seeing charm bracelets assembled by Ruth Rae in A Charming Exchange composed of mini polymer clay cupcakes, pop tarts, and cookies created by polymer clay artist Micheal Johansson. Through videos on You Tube and observing other artist’s techniques, Amber taught herself how to create these tiny polymer clay gems. See more of Amber Dawn’s tiny works on You Tube!