Jewelry Artist Interview: Heather Mullins-Teasley

heather2Today’s Jewelry Artist Mini Interview is with Heather Mullins-Teasley also known as Madame Teasley.  Heather is a multi talented mixed media artist who excels in painting,  making assemblages and art jewelry. 

  • How did you start doing jewelry (or bead making) as a business? 
    After creating a sculpture of a woman bound by forks, University of South Carolina’s art professor Fran Gardner (Perry) suggested during a critique that I incorporate this sculpture into a shrine in order to make it more special.  The gallery owner and director, Christina Chastain agreed and pointed me in the direction of personal shrines.  My shrines became smaller and smaller until they were almost wearable.  I started putting chains and beads on the shrines in order to create necklaces so people could carry their personal shrines with them.  My style has evolved into incorporating found objects, vintage items and artistic elements as well as creating the shrines.  I find that each object that I come across has a supernatural energy within it that is secretly telling a story that only I can hear.


  • Do you remember the first piece of jewelry you ever made?
    My first piece of jewelry was created out of a fork and art glass.  I bent and twisted the fork.  Then, I added the art glass using a two-part epoxy.  The final touch to my project were chains and beads so it could be worn. 
  • You are stuck on a desert island for a year and can only take 5 things to make jewelry with-what would you take?
    Wire, dremel with a really small drill bit, steel block, pliers set, dremel reinforced cutting wheel – I could use the other stuff on the island to help me make jewelry.
  • What would you like to work with/or what skill would you like to learn that you haven’t yet?
    Wow.  There is so much that I need to learn!  I would like to learn more about etching metal.  I’m afraid of chemicals because I have a toddler around so I’ve not dabbled in the etching yet. I would also like to learn how to fuse glass.


  • What do you do when you aren’t making jewelry?
    I am a freelance graphic designer.  I also paint and create mixed media art pieces.  I’m a board member for the Artisan’s Center and Galleries in Lancaster, South Carolina.

More about Madame Teasley:
I am from Savannah, Georgia, which has allowed me to grow up exposed to all areas of the arts.  My husband Michael and children, Erin – 12 and Joel 4 – are the most wonderful inspirations that a gal can have.  I live in the Metrolina region outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.  My formal education is in Computer Information Systems and Computer Science.  Art has always been a solace for me in order to escape from the hectic world of IT.  I can be found on Etsy at and my constantly under construction web site is  You can also keep up with my ramblings at


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    I’ve watched Heather’s work grow and become more complex, quirky, and FANTASTIC! Many of her sculptures are both whimsical and poignant, speaking to deeply felt issues of cultural importance. The jewelry is just plain FUN and FUNKY!