Jewelry Artist Interview-Meet Jessica Neaves/Future Momo!


This week’s Jewelry Artist Interview is with Jessica Neaves of Future Momo. Jessica has had alot of growth with her jewelry company this year, she’s been featured on many online design blogs, has projects in an upcoming book, and you’re sure to hear more about her in 2008!

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· Do you remember the first piece of jewelry you ever made?   Yes!  It was a super simple black seed bead and red glass bead necklace strung on bead cord. I was about 13 and my friend was starting to make jewelry, so she showed me how.  Thankfully, I’ve evolved a lot since then! 

·   Whose work do you relate to most? Who inspires you?  I don’t necessarily relate to any other jewelry designers, but I’m inspired by Jeanine Payer, whose jewelry is always simple, yet exquisite.  The quotes she uses are inspirational in themselves.  Anthony Nak is fantastic and does amazing things with chain.  Pade Vavra also makes beautiful jewelry. 

 ·   What was the last show you attended?  I went to see a friend’s cover band, Dark Wave last week.  I can’t even remember when the show before that was!  It’s sad because I love music and used to go to shows every week, but I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t made the time. 

·    Describe some important goals you have achieved.   A big goal would be that I have finally gotten more confident in marketing myself so that now I am getting more press, as well as sales.  I’ve also been networking more in the arts and crafts world and have been making some great connections with people who have similar goals and problems as I do. 

·  What methods do you use to organize your time?   I’m actually pretty awful at time management!  If I can get away with taking a break, I’ll definitely take advantage of that.  To help, I took a time management workshop and learned how to better tackle my to do lists. I’ve also learned to multitask a bit more and have set aside specific days to make jewelry, as well as work on the business side of things.   

·    What motivates/inspires your work? I’m half Asian and my eye is instantly drawn toward most beads in an Asian motif.  My studies in biology and botany during college also inspires me through my respect for the natural world and love of organic materials.  The majority of my work involves semi-precious stones, wood and other natural materials.   I’m also often inspired by flowers and pendants and floral themes are often in my designs. 

·    What has been your most difficult moment since starting your business?  Finding a web designer that I could actually afford.  The person who originally set up my website wasn’t familiar with shopping carts and I had problems for several years before recently finding web skills in two new friends who have been kind enough to help me.  Along with that, learning some basic Photoshop and Dreamweaver skills to make web updates on my own has been taking some time.  I never even had a digital camera until a few months ago!

·      What has been your proudest moment since starting your business?  One of my proudest moments came this year when I learned that some of my hair accessories will be featured in the upcoming book, 1000 Jewelry Details.  It was the first time I ever submitted anything to a call for artists and it was a good motivator to keep working hard on my business.

·     Where people can buy your Jewelry? Right now, my jewelry is available on my website, Etsy store and at Orange Button. I’ll be carried in more boutiques in 2008 too, so check my blog for updates!!


Thanks Jessica!