Jewelry Artist Mini Interview: Heather Powers of Humble Beads

Todays Mini Jewelry Artist Interview is with Heather Powers of Humble Beads. Don’t you just love this hedgehog bracelet??  Heather creates amazing polymer clay beads inspired by nature and art history.  She has a very unique style, look at these urchin beads for example, they are lifelike!

Anyway, on to the interview!

* How did you start doing jewelry (or bead making) as a business?
I started making jewelry in college to pay for extra expenses.  In 2002 I changed the focus of my business from selling jewelry to selling my art beads. 

* Do you remember the first piece of jewelry you ever made?
It was a brass pendant on leather.  I think I wore that thing every day for a month.  Well, until I returned to the bead store!

* You are stuck on a desert island for a year and can only take 5 things to make jewelry with-what would you take?    My lindstrom pliers, wire-cutters, wire, fireline, and a beading needle.  That would keep me busy for a while.  I’d have to learn how to make art beads from the island’s resources.  That would be a fun challenge!  * What material would you like to work with/or what skill would you like to learn that you haven’t yet? I’d love to learn some basic metalsmithing skills like soldering and making bezels. 

* What do you do when you aren’t making beads?
When I’m not making beads, I’m planning my annual Bead Cruise adventure, editing my popular blog, the Art Bead Scene, and spending time with my family and friends. Links are:   I recently had 2 designs published in Bead Star magazine as a finalist in Interweave Press’ new competition. 

Thanks so much for letting us get to know you a bit better Heather!




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    love the mini interview… especially the question about the deserted island! how fun would it be to make jewelry from what you find.

    the urchin beads are AMAZING!!

    thanks for sharing!

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    Barbe and Heather, what a great mini interview. I wish there were more questions… I’m looking forward to the Bead cruise this year.