Jewels in Fiber


The first time I saw Marion’s work in person at an art show, I was completely blown away. The micromacrame work is so incredible and so SMALL!! I couldn’t image making it-but she teaches classes in it. If you can see her stuff in person, don’t miss it.

Jewels in fiber, a handmade collection of jewelry is best described as a blend of fiber techniques and jewelry technology. Marion combines micro-macrame knotting, half-hitching, kumihimo braiding and cordmaking of silk and nylon thread, using as many as 500 knots per square inches. In some of her pieces, copper wire armatures serve as structural support for the thread, permitting semi-precious gemstones, fossils or crystals to be set.
Marion’s pieces are one of a kind, labor of love involving many hours of design and execution. They are conversation pieces that can rival pearls and diamonds at any gathering at a fraction of the cost.
Each piece is unique and handmade!