Lollipop Bead Shoppe

Lollipop Bead Shoppe Yesterday was a rainy, blah feeling sort of day where I live in South Mississippi, but a trip to the post office brightened my day!  At the beginning of the week I placed a first-time order to the “Lollipop Bead Shoppe,”  a supply shop on etsy.  My package arrived in the mail yesterday.   I was surprised and thrilled at the cute packaging!  I ordered three sets of beads. Each set was packaged in a jewelry bag, a sticker placed on the front with the quantity of beads, the size, along with the shops logo and address. Each of these bags were tucked inside a neatly wrapped tissue paper package with their label on the front of the package. As if this cuteness wasn’t enough to make me smile, they included an orange lollipop!! How is that for branding and making an awesome first impression!   This cute shop was opened in January 2013 and already has 100% customer satisfaction! The shop is owned by Jenny and Chris, a husband and wife team based out of Portland, Oregon.   I will definitely be ordering from the Lollipop Bead Shoppe again!    I encourage you to stop by their shop, favorite it, and join them on facebook!