Mini Jewelry Artist Interviews – Katie Hacker

In 2009, I thought it would be fun to do “mini interviews” so we can learn a little about alot of different people!

Our first artist to grant a mini interview is Katie Hacker. Katie presents Beading Lessons on each episode of the public television series Beads, Baubles & Jewels. She has written many beading books and contributes how-to projects and articles to a variety of magazines, including a column for Beadwork magazine. Visit her website and blog at
* How did you start doing jewelry (or bead making) as a business?


I worked as an editor for Hot Off The Press, a craft book publisher in Oregon, and they wanted to publish a book on making hemp jewelry. I told my boss that I had been making hemp jewelry for years and she asked me to contribute to the book!

* Do you remember the first piece of jewelry you ever made?
I loved making friendship pins (see pix on my blog! and friendship bracelets when I was in elementary school, but I started getting serious about making jewelry when I was a teenager and couldn’t find cool clip earrings for my un-pierced ears.
* You are stuck on a desert island for a year and can only take 5 things to make jewelry with-what would you take?
Beading wire, crimps, round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, wire cutters. These would be very helpful for stringing all of those coconut beads that I’d be carving by hand!
* What material would you like to work with/or what skill would you like to learn that you haven’t yet?
I am really interested in metal working but I just haven’t made the time to learn much about it. I keep promising myself that I will sit down with my friend Candie Cooper and learn how make some basic things.
* What do you do when you aren’t making jewelry?
My husband does organic farming so I help with that in the summer I also love to read and have been known to sit down with a good book and not get up until it’s finished.
*Other News to share?
I co-authored Bead & Wire Jewelry Exposed (F+W Pubs Jan 09) with Margot Potter and Fernando Dasilva. It’s all about exposing the components that are normally hidden in a piece of jewelry and making these items an integral part of the design. Read more about it here:

I’ll be teaching two fun classes at the Swarovski Tucson Event on Friday, Feb. 6. Visit for details.
Thanks Katie for letting us get to know you a bit better!