Pretty Little Things Book Review


Pretty Little Things: collage jewelry, trinkets, keepsakes by Sally Jean Alexander

I love Sally Jean, she is truly a real life cupcake-sweet, pretty and makes you smile to be around. So of course, I was sure I’d love the book even if this kind of shabby romantique chic thing isn’t my style. And I was right.  It is SUCH a gorgeous book, from the embossed cover, to the photos of the objects and her studio, to the projects themselves-that you will fall in love with it even if you never ever plan to solder anything.

There are twenty-seven projects and thirty variations feature Sally Jeans signature style of using collaged vintage ephemera all soldered within glass of some shape or form. The finished pieces tell romantic, luxe and sometimes whimsical stories.  Looking at the book is like falling into Marie Antoinette’s jewelry box-you are surrounded by pale aqua blues,pinks and greens, cream colors, faded ink, velvet, rhinestones with a hint of shimmer.

The jewelry projects include a Vintage vessel pendent, Bottle Bangle and a project from one of her sold out classes- Totally Tiara. Many of the other projects could be modified into jewelry-like the tiny chairs or budvases that would make lovely pins and pendants.

So with all the visual eyecandy, you also get very well written instructions on how to cut glass and solder properly. Even if you have never picked up a soldering iron in your life, you will feel completely confident to do so after reading thru the book. Sally Jean talks about everything you might need or want to know with how to work with one, tips and tricks. She has hand written notes on each page so its like she is right there with you, helping you along. You learn how to solder correctly the first time, rather than muddle thru on your own. I have to add, you don’t HAVE to cut your own glass to do many of these projects. Nowadays there are tons of shapes you can buy pre cut (see yesterdays post about Delphi) but knowing how to do it gives you more leeway in your creativity.

Even if you are more modern than vintage, or more chic than shabby you will still love the book. EVERY project can be done with your own colors, materials and style. Make skyscrapers instead of houses, or spaceships! Don’t like flowers-use a doll head or bunch of feathers instead for the pen. Use modern graffiti art or Manga instead of Victorian letters-make it your own.