San Francisco Bead and Design Show, Part III

Photo by Larry Sanders

If you have been reading the last few weeks you will be aware that the SF Bead and Design Show is taking place this weekend. To highlight the show, we have been running a series of mini-interviews with exhibitors in the show.  You can read the past interviews here and here.

This week’s mini-interview is with Candice Wakumoto a Hawaiian resident who works in silver clay and is greatly inspired by the beauty of her surrounding.

KM – When and how did you start working with silver clay?

CW- I discovered silver clay approximately 10 years ago. My husband noticed an advertisement for a class at our local art academy. The teacher was from Japan and she had a workshop featuring silver clay. I was intrigued. A year later I took the workshop. It gave me an opportunity to check out this new medium. Everything since then has been self taught.

KM – How  do your surroundings inspire your work?

CW- Hawaii’s natural beauty defintely influences my work. I love using foliage, insects and flowers as motifs.
KM – What other jewelers to you admire?

CW-  One of my favorite jewelers is Barbara Bixby. I really admire her desgins, attention to detail and meticulous workmanship. I own several of her pieces.

KM- Are there any everyday objects or non-typical tools that you find indispensable in your work, and if so, how do you use them?

CW – I do use objects such as straws, dental tools, and clay tools. I find that the best everyday tools are my hands – whether it’s my fingertips to smooth a bump or the back of my fingernails to seal a join.

KM – Are there any new materials that you would like to try and work with?

CW –  My next project is to add more color to my pieces. I have some things I found in Tucson that I have yet to try out.

You can visit Candice during the show at booth #B124 or contact her by email at


San Francisco Bead and Design Show, May 21 – 23, at Hotel Whitcomb, 1231 Market Street, San Francisco. 10-6, Fri-Sun, open to the public. More than 150 artists and merchants showcasing: handmade, antique, vintage and contemporary beads, gemstones, designer components, vintage findings, gold & silver, handmade jewelry, cloisonné, ceramics, wearable art, embellishments, textiles, hand dyed ribbons, art clothing, hand painted silks, millinery, embroideries, accessories, collectibles, antiquities, and objets d’art. Along with workshops in jewelry, clay, mixed media and bead making. For more information visit