Screenprint Bangles with Your iPhone

bangle printed with Inkodye Remember my post about Inkodye photosensitive ink?  There’s soon going to be an app for that! Using the ‘Lumityper’ app, take a picture using an iPhone, convert it into a negative, and then print the negative on a transparent film. Then using the Lumi process, you can bind Inkodye to any vegetable or animal fiber, such as cotton, linen, wool, silk, suede and wood. Once fixed, the color becomes permanent and can go through repeated machine washes without fading. Oh, the possibilities! Learn more at the Lumi website or order now at Kickstarter.


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    Hey that looks very exciting! I’ve used transfer paper a fair bit but it does look a bit shiny on the fabric. This looks like the perfect thing to make labels, tshirt designs etc on a small scale. Love!