Taking a Moment to Introduce Myself

Hi everyone,  I want to take a moment to introduce myself.  My name is Mardi Robyn and I will be your new jewelry making editor.  I grew up in South Alabama, and currently live in Mount Olive, Mississippi.   I am twenty-six years old and blessed with amazing family and friends. I have two horses and a dog that I call my babies.   I love music, photography, blogging, the great outdoors, crafts, shopping, reading, jewelry making, and the list goes on and on.  Being a jewelry designer with my own online business, I love everything to do with jewelry making.  I look forward to being the  jewelry making editor for Craft Gossip.

I enjoy interacting with people so feel free to comment and email me your ideas. I will reply.  So pull up a chair, relax, make yourself at home and let the jewelry making gossip continue!




  1. Constance Hawkins says

    I had to give up my Dremel saw several years ago during a move. Have missed it ever since. I have been using my Dremel Moto Tool
    & various cutters to aid in making special parts for jewelry, doll, and doll house items.
    This tool would make my life so much easier!!

  2. Lynn says

    Welcome Mardi!! Ive been reading this blog for quite a few years now & this is my 1st time posting!!! I love this blog & hope you will too!!!

  3. ChrisTea says

    Hi, Mardi and welcome! I hope you have alot of fun here. All of the people at Craft Gossip are friendly and very creative. Be happy.

  4. says

    Thank y’all for the welcome!

    Constance: Sounds good! I hadn’t thought about it could be used for doll houses. Awesome!

    Lynn: Thanks for commenting and congratulations on your first comment here on craft gossip!

    ChrisTea: Thank you so much! Everyone seems to be!