Torch Talk


I miss having a real soldering station. You know, one with fire bricks in a place with an exhaust fan to suck away the fumes and where I can have an oxy/Acetylene setup and not get evicted…………..

 for a while I didn’t do metal work-just beadwork, then I suffered thru by taking jewelry classes and useing the studio at the schools, and recently I’ve been getting by with 2 small handheld torches (sometimes used simultaneously!) But now I want something hotter and with a bit more versatility. Due to renting and not owning my loft, I can’t have a proper oxy/acetylene setup. I have NO room for it anyway. So I’m looking at small propane torch. Its cheaper, easier and good enough for the small size work I want to do.

I’ve read some good reviews about the BERNZOMATIC ST900D 019527 Mini Torch and I’m going to order it. Do you have a favorite mini torch?? if so, please tell us all about it!