Upcylced Tights Necklace DIY

Upcycled Tights Necklace


This necklace designed by Lana Red is brilliant.  I like the necklace because it looks trendy, and she definitely thought outside the box when she chose the materials to make the necklace.  Curious to know what she used?  Upcycled tights, and tin foil!  Yes you read that right, tin foil!  How neat is that?  I have two pairs of bright funky tights I bought at a discount store a several years back. Except for trying them on at home, I have never worn them.  They were inexpensive, under a dollar each and I bought them because of their bright colors and patterns.  Over the years they have sat in my closet, dresser drawers, or a craft container. I wouldn’t throw them away because I thought I might use them in a craft project one day.  I may have the perfect project, Lana Red’s Upcycled Tights Necklace.   Check it out.  How she designed the necklace fascinates me!