You go girl! Beading to Beat Autism

Michala Riggle, founder of Beading to Beat AutismFourteen-year-old Michala Riggle is already a well established fund-raiser and beader. At the tender age of ten, she managed to raise $300,000 in six months with beaded bracelets!

Michala’s mission all started back in 2006. Her youngest brother, Evan, has autism and was responding well to experimental Glutathione IV treatments. Michala wanted to help other kids like her brother battle autism with this new medicine. Michala’s original goal was $200,000; Kosair Children’s Hospital needed that amount to conduct the study. Michala enlisted help to bead and distribute thousands of bracelets at local art shows and community events. She beat her original goal by $100,000 and put autism in living-room conversations across the nation.

Michala has a new goal: a three-year plan to raise $300 million to build the most comprehensive autism research and treatment center in the world and bring autism awareness to greater heights. Michala’s dream is to make the “We Believe!” International Autism Research and Treatment Center a place like St. Jude’s Hospital, where autism patients receive treatment and care regardless of their financial circumstances. The Center will also be a first-class, independent research facility striving to find the cause of autism and a cure.

Michala and her family need your help to meet this tremendous goal that will touch the lives of so many. The Michala Riggle Beat Autism Foundation, Inc. is now an official 501c-3 non-profit foundation. The first phase of her fundraising campaign is kicking off this month and she is sending out FREE beading kits to anyone who signs up to help raise money for the center. The kits contain enough beads to make 300 bracelets.

This is a great opportunity for beaders and crafters to help this worthy cause. Take the kits into schools, youth groups, summer camps, Girl Scouts, or just invite friends over for a beading party for a great cause.  The bracelets are then to be used in fundraising efforts for a suggested donation of $3/each. Michala and her mom Emlyn made a fantastic video explaining the initiative on YouTube.

Please consider helping Michala (and thousands with Autism) complete her worthy goal! Sign up to receive your beading kits today and become a fundraiser for Beading to Beat Autism. You can also make a donation to the foundation without signing up for bracelets. Michala has set the course, let’s help her reach the destination!


  1. Sue and Danny says

    Dear Michala – You are an angel on earth! How beautiful your soul is to help your brother Evan and others like him! 15 years ago when my son Danny was diagnosed autism was 1 in every 10,000; Today it is 1 in every 91 (published in CDC Centers for Disease
    Control is 1 in every 100) and in California 1 in ever 62…. My son Danny loves to bead – he strings beads for himself (etsy store) and also for individuals with Altzheimers (we hand deliver to local residential facilities)… the pieces he creates are divided 50/50…. we sell for a profit for his etsy store and give all the pieces to patients who suffer from Altzheimers. (Altzheimers is a ditant cousin to Autism)… It is heartwarming to read your story and also how powerful your message is! My son and I haven’t met you – but we love you… YES YES YES We would love to make beads for you to help spread your message!!!!! Good luck – All our love, Sue and Danny xox

  2. Erin says

    If you knew Michaela’s parents, Emlyn and Dave, you would see where she gets her sweet spirit and dedication. They are wonderful, Godly people. Great job Michaela!


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