You ought to be in pictures

earrings made from upcycled filmA picture may be worth a thousand words but Julia Barello takes old film and makes it speak volumes. Upcycling old film into jewelry and installations, Julia’s work turns old images into vibrant, new objects.

Julia says, “It’s important to me that they are pictures of people. The film is a metaphor for human beings.” Photography and remembrance have been inextricably tied together since the earliest images were captured. Julia’s work repurposing these images ensures that even though this film does not immortalize these people forever in film, their images certainly won’t be forgotten.

See Julia’s portfolio, learn more about her teaching philosophy, or read the blog post by Christine Mauersberger, where I first discovered Julia’s art and jewelry.


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    Yes! The shadows really add to the beauty of the pieces as well as their translucence. I agree! It’s a great use for film that has surpassed its medical relevance.