This Crystal tutorial shows you how to make crystal Earrings using Quartz. These ones are a little extra special as they are dipped in gold foil. Very elegant very stylish. Full tutorial here.

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This metal cuff is made using a soft pliable metal called Tooling Metal. It is a great medium to work with as it can be indented to create amazing texture to your pieces. For the full tutorial and info on …

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Washi Tape is a staple among crafters, and you most likely have more than enough in your stash.  It’s a very versatile product and can be used for so many different craft projects, not just scrapbooking and paper projects.  Today …

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This Grommet Cuff is a great mix of mediums. The leather cuff gives it a masculine feel if you are seeking something for a boy and for father’s day. The grommets create a lace effect making it feminine for ladies …

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DIY Earring Projects

Here are 20 earring projects to get your hands creative with. All the projects are easy to do and come with full instructions. I especially love the Antique Brass Earrings. Which one is your favorite?

Click here to get the …

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A safety pin is not just for sewing and mending.  And to be honesty, who doesn’t have a few stray safety pins laying around?  Or maybe you have more than a few.  None the less, these 6 great tutorials for …

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This channel inspired bracelet can be made with a few poly balls. I actually cheated and bought mine off ebay for a few dollars. If you want to make your own from scratch then check out this tutorial. These bracelets …

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The more jewelry I buy the more storage ideas I seek. I have an obsession with long necklaces that not only require length for hanging but usually a little strength too. I love this mirror idea however it wouldn’t hold …

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Looks like crystals are staying around for a little longer. This tutorial is a little different than all the rest we blogged about because this one allow you to GROW your own crystals. You will need a few basic supplies …

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This adorable ring holder is made using a key chain and some stick on’s. The glass base gives its a opulent look. This would be beautiful made with  old brooches around the base also. Check out thrift stores and garage …

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I will forgive you for looking at this one again and again trying to figure it out. This tutorial from Fabricpaperglue.com shows you how to paint these FLAT (yes Flat) wood squares to look like Gems. These would be perfect …

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Paracord is a lightweight nylon rope, originally designed for use in the suspension lines of parachutes.  Although, leave it to us crafters to use something like that for a crafting project!  Today you can read up on how to make …

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Delightful things to make you smile…..

When Bubbles In a Teacup Founder Nikki  was getting married she struggled to find the perfect Tiara at a reasonable price but of a good quality. After a lot of searching she found the …

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This isn’t wearable jewelry but it certainly is bling blingy. I love the use of buttons and brooches to create this elegant clipboard. This would be a wonderful gift for a new bride to clip her idea and for a …

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These plates are perfect for counter tops where you tend to clutter your junk. Whip off your earrings in the bathroom and lay them down on these fun plates. For the full tutorial and other ideas for using them check

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