DIY Charm Lockets


I am sure you have seen the commercial version of these in the stores and whilst they are mass produced, I do like the concept of placing your own unique trinkets inside.

This tutorial by Happy Hour Projects shows you … Read More ...

Doll Head Ring Tutorial


Want to get “ahead” of the fashion scene(pun totally lame but required)?

This doll head ring is what we like to call a “conversation starter”.

Imagine wearing this out to dinner and the conversations you would have!

You could use … Read More ...

DIY Knotted Leather Necklace


If you like to mix your mediums then you will love the contrast of leather and silver beads that are found in this piece. The DIY tutorial shows you how to knot or macrame this necklace into a piece of … Read More ...

Chain, Safety Pins and Rhinestones


What do you get when you put chain, safety pins and rhinestones together? This amazing drop necklace. I love the use of the pins to add dimension and yes I am going to say it “quirkiness”.  If you haven’t noticed … Read More ...

DIY Yarn Beaded Necklace

diy yarn necklace

This tutorial has been converted from Russian (I think) so it doesn’t say exactly what type of yarn it is and I am sure it comes under a different name in every country anyways. I have seen it in the … Read More ...