DIY Beaded Tassel Necklace


If you like to keep up with the current fashion trends in your jewelry wearing, then you probably know by now the vast popularity that tassels have taken on lately.  You probably also know that they can come with a … Read More ...

Making a Twisted Bead Bracelet


Sometimes a simple, yet beautiful bracelet can make a huge impact on your outfit for the day.  This twisted bead bracelet can be made into any colors to match any clothes you may want to wear, and it’s quite easy … Read More ...

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Leather Belt To Glamourous Necklace


Combine a Leather Belt and chains to create this mixed medium necklace. The leather makes it chunky whilst the beads make it dainty. If you’re undecided about your look then this necklace is for you. Leather belts can be recycled … Read More ...

Salt Dough Necklace

Salt Dough Jewelry Logo

Salt dough has been used for jewelry making for a long time. We have blogged about salt dough and it’s versatility many times on Craftgossip but this tutorial stood out to me. The use of color and wire wrapping adds … Read More ...

DIY Charm Lockets


I am sure you have seen the commercial version of these in the stores and whilst they are mass produced, I do like the concept of placing your own unique trinkets inside.

This tutorial by Happy Hour Projects shows you … Read More ...

Doll Head Ring Tutorial


Want to get “ahead” of the fashion scene(pun totally lame but required)?

This doll head ring is what we like to call a “conversation starter”.

Imagine wearing this out to dinner and the conversations you would have!

You could use … Read More ...

DIY Beaded Heart Earrings


We don’t tend to cover too many bead stringing tutorials but these ones were adorable so I had to share. I love the color combinations which make them young and fresh. These Earrings are easy to make and come with … Read More ...