These wire wrapped rings are chunky and resemble treasure from the Pirate seas. Use old Jewelry pieces to re-create something new and original with this simple and easy to follow Jewelry making tutorial from

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Flamingo toes shares her Anthro knock off “Silk Bracelet”. There has been recent discussion amongst crafters as to wether copying the BIG guys is allowed? After all we all kick and scream when the BIG guys copy us. What …

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diy fresh flower earrings how to make

These flower earrings are made from real flowers making them exquisitely beautiful but terribly fragile.  Perfect for wearing to a cool evening dinner party or night at the opera. Just make sure the person sitting next to you doesn’t get …

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These simple twig bracelets are made using thin green vines that are wrapped, secured with glue and spray painted gold. Sometimes all you need is a little nature to make a big statement.

Gold Twig Bracelet Tutorials.


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I am beginning to think the word “Statement” is being over used. Let’s face it everything hand-made is a statement in its self. This beaded chunky/bright/look at me/statement necklace is very different from other necklaces as it’s all about the …

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Pom Poms are making a come back into the crafting world and not just on your home decor. This pom pom necklace is soft and funky and if you love tactile things then you are going to love wearing this. …

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Rainbow Loom Band Bracelets have become more and more popular over the last few months, especially in the younger crowd of crafters.  It’s a process that takes a little time and patience, but after practicing and perfecting your technique, …

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This metal work flower ring is simple but adorable. If you have not dabbled in metal work before then this is a great project to get started on, but you are going to need a few supplies. Check out the …

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I am not totally sure about this one what do you think? Is this taking a minimalist look too far? Well it is sleek and minimal so I guess I have answered me own question there.  Would you wear it? …

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This Stonehenge inspired rock necklace was created using rocks (not from stonehenge) and wrapped with chain to create a rustic dangle necklace. Make sure your rocks are not too heavy or you could knock out a small child when you …

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I will forgive you for thinking these are an April Fools Joke. At first glance it does look a little crazy. Trust me with the right outfit these could be really fun and very funky!  I don’t think I would …

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I have ongoing issues with my earring holes so when I came across these Clip on Earrings I was like WOW!

Wander and Hunt share the tutorial to make these beautiful earrings. This is what you will need :

Oblong …

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These Antique metal keys are stamped with love “literally”. Use a Metal stamp set to create words, sayings or initials. They keys are cleaned, stamped then blackened to create this dramatic effect. Full tutorial can be found here at

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Use Recycled paper to create this bib style necklace. You will need to make between 60 – 80 beads but the layered effect is amazing and well worth your time. Check out the full tutorial as well as easy to …

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This earring tutorial comes from a very unusual source. Can you guess? It involves cutting paper and card stock? Create these delicate feathers using light weight chipboard. For a modern look use fluro colors to make your outfit pop!  Tutorial

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