Tutorial: Walnut Earrings

walnut earring I love these walnut earrings, posted as a tutorial by Rio Grande.

The great thing about this project other than the elegant and clean look is that Rio not only gives you the instructions in a clear manner, but they also give you a list of the materials and links to them within their website.

Yes, you can go out and buy you own components, but sometimes it is nice to have a clean and simple project to work on where you don’t have to scramble around to find the right bits and pieces. ┬áThink of it as a great project to sit down and create to unwind after a long week, which you can finish in one sitting and wear all weekend long.


  1. Vintage Wedding Ring says

    Thats very nice Handmade work. Appreciative and I would like to add it to my wedding collection from Vintage yard.. Thanks.