Salt Dough Necklace

Salt Dough Jewelry Logo

Salt dough has been used for jewelry making for a long time. We have blogged about salt dough and it’s versatility many times on Craftgossip but this tutorial stood out to me. The use of color and wire wrapping adds … Read More ...

Recycled Sushi Tray Earrings

If you are like me you see lot’s of beauty in trash. I find it very hard to throw out food containers and take away boxes. The potential to use these items in creative ways is endless. I love the … Read More ...

Doll Head Ring Tutorial


Want to get “ahead” of the fashion scene(pun totally lame but required)?

This doll head ring is what we like to call a “conversation starter”.

Imagine wearing this out to dinner and the conversations you would have!

You could use … Read More ...

Sea Stone Bracelet


This bracelet is made using sea stone, found pieces of rocks, china etc found on the shoreline. I like to collect random pieces of things from the beach sometimes not even knowing what or when I will use it. My … Read More ...

Chain, Safety Pins and Rhinestones


What do you get when you put chain, safety pins and rhinestones together? This amazing drop necklace. I love the use of the pins to add dimension and yes I am going to say it “quirkiness”.  If you haven’t noticed … Read More ...

Pennies and Rhinestones


I have seen lots of penny rings over the years but not one so blinged before. I love the use of rhinestones to take this everyday ring into evening attire. I think this ring could be a “good-luck” ring for … Read More ...