HP TopShot Review: Part 1

HP TopShot LaserJet Pro went from its carton to ready for use in about 15 minutes.Have you seen the new HP TopShot LaserJet Pro? HP is giving me a chance to review this new scanner, printer, and copier all-in-one — and then one lucky Craft Gossip reader is going to win one!

The box arrived at my door and within 15 minutes, I had the TopShot unpacked, together and ready to attach to my computer. The software installation files are in the TopShot’s memory so all you have to do is connect the cable and follow the on-screen instructions. That’s easy even if you don’t have much experience with computers, right? I attached the TopShot to my computer and in another 10 minutes, I have everything set up to print wirelessly!

I still haven’t told you the most exciting part about the TopShot. This is no ordinary scanner. The TopShot scans 3-D objects! The arm at the top has a high resolution camera in it that takes six images of your object, which are automatically combined into one high-resolution image. By combining multiple images, the TopShot quickly gives you a clear image on a bright, clean background. And your images can be immediately printed or posted directly to the Web!

Here’s my first scan of some tiny plastic forks. I was able to scan this image within 15 minutes of deciding to connect the this all-in-one printer to my computer! The actual scan took less than a minute.

tiny plastic forks scanned with the HP TopShot's 3-D scanner.


  1. Anne Pask says

    It is amazing. I have never seen a printer/scanner/copier which can come close to doing things like this one does! I can’t believe how quickly you were able to go from ‘in the box’ to a great scan.Wow.

  2. Jane T says

    What a super thing is this? I would love to be the winner of this. I love things like this!!!

  3. Sarah says

    WOW! Have not seen this. Would love to be a winner. Thank you for the opportunity. Sarah

  4. Cecilia Helena says

    Estou precisando de uma impressors HP nova.Obrigado pela chance de ganhar esta.

  5. Mary Jo A says

    With my present HP printer pretty much out-dated, would be great to win a new HP. I purchased an HP many years ago, and have nothing negative to say about it. Would love all the bells and whistles of this one!

  6. Darla Welch says

    What will they come up with next! This is an amazing piece of equipment – the images are so realistic. I’d LOVE to win this.

  7. Mia says

    This is so great. I can already think of a million uses!! Scanning my vintage compact collection would be my first project!

  8. Christine Timko says

    This is very impressive. I would like to use the printer/scanner at work to see how it works on old books.

  9. Chrystine says

    that is so awesome! I would love to have a printer that not only didn’t swallow too many sheets of paper but could do all that marvelous stuff!

  10. Ginny says

    Awesome! My mom would love this for mothers day. She makes all kinds of things that she has to print and she would love to be able to scan.

  11. Kymberly Pray says

    If, as often is the case in art, the aim of an image is to fool the eye, then this printer succeeds wonderfully. The possibilities are seemingly endless and my mind reels with all the fun that could be had.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win an infinitely useful tool.


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