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If you are a jewelry news junkie like I am, you will also enjoy reading all the jewelry making articles by Tammy Powley over at

Tammy Powley is a writer, designer, and teacher who has been creating and selling her original jewelry designs since 1990. Along with writing for, she has her own website at covers a vast array of techniques, projects, reviews, other blog links, etc… was the first ‘online’ website I started with years ago, and its still going strong. So go check it out and see all the wonderful work Tammy has done.  


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    Thanks for the link to Tammy’s work. I really love getting links to new jewelry makers–they inspire me so much since I’m so bad at it–I try, though. I’ve really been into necklaces lately. I really like stuff like the 5.58cts. “Baby’s Breath” diamond necklace that My Dove is giving away for the “Expressions of Love” contest. It’s so gorgeous and breathtaking. I wish that I could make something like that–too bad diamonds are so expensive! lol. Be sure to check out the contest and enter to win it for yourself at Spread the jewelry love…I know that I will, that’s why I’m working to support this. Keep up the good links! Thanks!

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    Thanks for the post – I have followed the jewelry making site since way back – does anyone else remember it was the Mining Company? Anyway, I didn’t know Tammy had her own website too so I’ll check that out.