Artistry from Pakistan

necklaces from Creative MindZeshuregi’s jewelry inspires me! The bright color combinations have such an exotic flair. A student in Pakistan, Zeshuregi shares many crafts ideas on her blog; here are links to two of her jewelry related posts. The first post shares a brilliant idea to turn an ordinary bracelet into a beaded ribbon necklace. Follow her tutorial and make one for yourself. The next post shows you many of her jewelry pieces that are a bit heavy to wear but oh so pretty to see. Take a look for some exotic inspiration of your own!


  1. says

    Oh my dear!!!I am not from Turkey…please write my own Lovely Country’s name…I AM FROM PAKISTAN…..I will be thankful to you,so please make correction in it…

  2. Maria Ishfaq says

    Hello, im a jewelry artist currently living in pakistan. Here’s my problem, i cant find a supplier for beads or nymo thread. Any advice”

  3. says

    Hi Maria! I wish I could help you directly but I’m afraid I don’t know of any. Perhaps Zeshuregi could help since she’s always making something new! Contact her through her blog and I feel sure she’ll be able to help you find some!