Photopolymer plates and PMC

butterfly wing pendant from Maggie BergmanVirginia Huffman at Vine Design and PMC Design Studio shares simple steps and photos for making photopolymer plates allowing you to transform almost any line drawing into silver jewelry. 

If you’ve never heard of photopolymer plates, the plate material is photosensitive as you probably guessed. When exposed to ultraviolet light through a high contrast negative (in Virginia’s photos, a scaled-down linocut reproduced on clear acetate) the exposed polymer hardens. Simply wash away the unexposed parts with water.

If you’d like a more detailed tutorial for making photopolymer plates, take a look at the tutorial from Senior Teacher PMC Maggie Bergman. You can see more of Maggie’s metal clay work here.


  1. Paula Atwell says

    Thanks for mentioning this technique. It is one that I am not familiar with, but definitely will learn more about.

    I am looking for new ways to increase the versatility of my own PMC work and teaching it to students.


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